Microsoft Teams won't connect

I know I am bumping an old thread, but I gotta get this working. All is fine for the web, but it’s the app that I can’t get working. I added the script from @hjkl, and still no go. Turned off Proxy and URL filter and Location block.
I get as far as entering my email address and then

Then I click close and get

Please open a console to IPFire and then issue tail -f /var/log/messages. This command opens the kernel log, until you issue ctrl-c to close. While you observe the kernel, attempt a connection and you will see which domain and port gets blocked by IPFire. Post the logs here and someone should be able to help.

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Hope this helps

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So seems this is bigger than Teams. MS Store, Had issue with Excel and some other MS app. All saying I am offline. THis is all on Green. If I switch to Blue on same PC, everything works! Nothing of note appears when tailing either.

ok, so new update. I unchecked the following and all went back to normal. I am using the proxy, but I had turned it off before. Maybe it doesn’t update that even after IP renew? I still don’t get why I couldn’t see anything come in, in the logs. That I am aware of anyway.