Message "iptables v1.8.5 (legacy): Invalid MAC address specified."

I did successfully upgrade from an ALIX-board (i586) to an APU2-board (x64) with options backup/restore (works great!). However, on boot I observe these messages on serial console:

Setting hostname to *xxx*.localdomain...                            [  OK  ]
Setting up firewall
iptables v1.8.5 (legacy): Invalid MAC address specified. 
Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
iptables v1.8.5 (legacy): Invalid MAC address specified.
NIT: Entering runlevel: 3ables --help' for more information.

Are there somewhere references to the old mac adresses left over (where to search?) or can these iptables messages savely be ignored? Device runs fine so far and does its job.

PS: Every 15 minutes I also see this message from Addon wio in /var/log/messages:

wio: This RRD was created on another architecture

How to get rid of this? I followed all hints in

Hi @dark0ipfire

Did you also follow this link


Yes, I did and also read comments in collectd script why /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors is rebuild as an empty file. But I will double check /var/log/rrd tomorrow, maybe I have overseen that.

As you have changed your hardware then the mac address for your red connection to your ISP will also have changed. Could the message about the invalid mac address be related to that. Some ISP’s record a mac address and that is then permanent. If that is the case with your ISP then you can change your red mac address in the Network - Assign MAC Address to the one you used to have.
This is a bit of a guess on my part, having never seen that error message in my system.