mDNS Repeater - Tutorial?


were i can find an tutorial to use the mDNS-Repeater Addon from Pakfire? All links in wiki are broken




this link works


mdns-repeater red0 green0 is not working
mdns-repeater green0 red0 is not working
mdns-repeater tun0 green0 is not working
mdns-repeater green0 tun0 is not working

i wood like to use an Printer over an OpenVPN Connection


mdns-repeater -f green0 tun0
mdns-repeater: dev green0 addr mask net
mdns-repeater: dev tun0 addr mask net
data from= size=221
repeating data to tun0

mdns-repeater -f tun0 green0
mdns-repeater: dev tun0 addr mask net
mdns-repeater: dev green0 addr mask net
data from= size=45
repeating data to tun0

both are sending data to tun0


hope this helps

Edit: To preserve the form the whole again machine translated:

Well, maybe someone will face the same problem in the future.

The Airprint discovery runs via multicasts, which are normally used by the
Firewall can not be processed.
The package “mdns-repeater” must be installed for this. As far as I have seen the packet is already preconfigured to process the multicasts green<->blue. By adjusting the Startup-Config file or by a simple call in the shell (e.g. mdns-repeater red0 orange0) the other networks can also be handled.
A network for multicasts must then be defined (
Allow firewall outgoing from green and blue to this network.
If you want to print via airprint a unicast will be used,
therefore destination port 631 TCP must be allowed from blue to green.

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How can i create an network for multicast tun0 <-> green0 ?

This wiki is not enough for me to make this AddOn Working…


OpenVPN on IPFire works in routing mode so multicast/broadcast will not be transferred via the tunnel. For this, you would need a bridged mode.



Do you mean the “redirect Gateway” setting in OpenVPN? This is active for my connection

No i mean the OpenVPN operating mode in general (–dev tun). Bridged mode needs ‘–dev tap’ which works on layer 2. routing mode works in layer 3 so multicast/broadcast can not be transferred.



Okay, thats to complicated to use it 6 times a year

I don’t get it. Why do you need mDNS for accessing a printer via a OpenVPN connection?

because I am an Mac and iOS User. I use “AirPrint/ Bonjour” to access my Network printer…

@betatester did you ever try to connect your iOs-thing to a Cups Server?

No, i didn’t test it… I don’t like printserver… they cut printer functions

possibly yes.



Yes, they do.
Sometimes avoiding toner massacre and paper extermination.
Sometimes providing an interface for something that does not have one, Just like an old serial plotter that did not have any driver, shared as a PostScript printer via CUPS, or providing AirPrint capabilities to an old Epson SX620FW :wink:

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That would be great if that would work in IPFire :slight_smile:

Hell no, a tweak to Windows did the trick. Share the printer, install iTunes, add an old software by ElpamSoft and a little firewall exception (UDP 5353).
But i managed to let a old friend to print to his Epson via PC from his iPad. Far cheaper than Printopia or buy a new device (he has a lot of tanks and he don’t want to buy something if the old one has not problems or missing something really necessary).

Hi DJ-Melo,
I think, your translation is quite good an gives me a roadmap to go.
Just one question, which is not 100% clear to me right now.
How do I assign a network to a MULTICAST?
Thanx in advance for your help here

welcome. Sorry I don’t know. Maybe others can help.