Manual for download?

Hello. I am aware of the Wiki manual. But i was wondering is there was a pdf manual for donwload.
I’m used to downloading manuals and print them out.

Hi @robdyk ,

Welcome to the IPFire Community.

No there is no pdf. Just the wiki.

I know a printed manual is somehow a secure solution.
You can use it for a faulty system without internet access. That is especially true, if the system is your internet access. :wink:

But the decision to provide a wiki only does make sense.

  • no system is fault free, this is true for the documentation also
  • a wiki can be corrected on-the-fly, in case of IPFire by all registered users
  • having a uptodate PDF manual would require to build this manual with each change to the wiki. This isn’t really possible as some changes are reversed sometimes quickly because of various reasons.

So, if you want a printed documentation you should do it yourself for these sections you need,