Manual Entry in Captive Portal

Hello together,

I have a problem to add a simple IP-Radio on the BLUE Interface (WLAN) on which a Captive Portal is running. The Captive Portal is running with Coupons. The simple IP-Radio has no web browser or an other way to enter the Coupon-Code. All other devices are running fine.

So I would like to know if there is any other way to enter an issued Coupon Code for the specific MAC-Adress. Is there a file in the system where the activated Coupons are listet together with the MAC-Adresses which I could edit by hand.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Bye Hoppse

There is a CSV file in /var/ipfire/captive with the active clients, but it is your own risk to edit this :slight_smile:

It would be a nice feature to have a whitelist of devices like this. Another common thing that has been mentioned before is printers. If anyone is up for implementing this, I am happy to help out.

Hi Michael,
sorry for the delay of my answer. But today I tested your tip. It works perfect !! Once the file is edited the issued Coupons are automatically transfered to the activated Coupons on the bottom.

Thanks for your great help!
Best regards, Hoppse


Hi Michael.

Today it happened to me that I have gone to teach the Captive Portal to a Client who has IP telephony in the LAN range and when activating it, zassss, all the phones without a line.

I have had to disable the Captive Portal as they cannot be without phones.

Is there any way to put these MACs on a white list so that it is not cut off in this type of device and that the “Session Expiration” does not apply as well?.


Due to security concerns, I think, you should not add any infrastructure devices like radios, printers or phones on a captive portal network.
And please don’t consider whitelisting devices on MAC address basis. A known MAC address can be forged very easily - and is often printed on a small label at the device bottom.

So my suggestion is to setup a second (hidden) WLAN SSID with a very secure password which is not part of the captive portal network and let your known devices connect to this network.
I had a similar problem which got solved that way.

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Hi @marco.

The problem is when there is only one network socket in the workplace and the IP phone has to be in the middle of the computer and the network socket.

I see that the Captive Portal has its great limitations or is only designed for Wi-Fi.


Buenas noches, @roberto

What about using a VLAN?
It’s very common to put the phones in an own VLAN. Nearly all IP phones support that.

Thanks Marco for your interest.

The problem is that they are already installed and modifying the configuration is not an option.

Thanks a lot.