Make it simple ... i18n

If you remove all other languages from the forum, you can remove the i18n from ipfire as well.

That’s not true!
Communication in the community and administration of my own system are two distinct tasks.
There are some situations where they ‘meet’; posting of WebGui pictures. But in this case it is reasonable for the reader to translate it to English or his own language to comprehend.
For communication the community/the devs decided to chose English, the language most users are used to. Otherwise many postings must be translated or, in case of subforums for a specific language, be sent multiple.
Same is true for the documentation ( the wiki ). To keep this uptodate, many people must work on that. We do not have this great man power ( each worker in this scenario must have good knowledge of the language and the topic he writes on ).




I can only agree to @bbitsch’s post.

While some languages the IPFire web interface is translated into certainly lack love and care (in fact, I would assess English, German, and French to be the only ones reasonably up to date), I don’t think dropping all non-English languages causes more good than harm - certainly not if roughly 50% of all IPFire installations run in countries where German is a natively spoken language. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller