Maintaining the list of secure dns servers

hello evryone
Ive been looking at the list of secure dns servers on the wiki and using some web-based utilities I found on the web such as the dns security test by Verisign Labs and the GRC DNS Spoofability test ive realized that some of these DNS providers don’t always have 100% reliable DNSSEC all the time so id like to edit the wiki page to
possibly remove:
Freifunk München e.V.
Digitalcourage e.V.
click to see why
and maybey adding:
DNS CMRG (the new one)
the new

let me know what you think of those changes servers and give some sugestions thatd be great

Hi @noobusinghacks

If you believe that you have found some DNSSEC weaknesses/issues with those DNS Servers then I would think a first step would be to contact them and inform them about those and see what response you get.

I have had contact with Freifunk München in the past about an issue and got a rapid response from them.

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