MACBook pulled 5 IP addresses without MAC-Adresses on DHCP

Yesterday I connected the company notebook of my wife in the LAN and according to DHCP she has pulled 5 IP addresses. It was a MacBook with an adapter and a LAN port.
Does anyone have an explanation for this because there is no MAC address in the DHCP?

MfG Paul

There are some crappy USB/LAN adapters that has no MAC address. In this case the driver generate a random one at every plugin. This can explain why you pull more than one IP but this mac address should still showed in the list.

Today I will try to connect the MacBook via WLAN and see how it behaves.

I think that it might be worse.
iOS started with random mac addresses on the wireless adapter for avoiding profiling or blocking into not trusted networks, i don’t know if Mac OS is sharing the same approach.

In any case… do you have managed switch? Maybe you could try to track down the MacAddress of the adapter…

Android, starting with v10, does this as well. But after successful authentication you can switch randomizing MAC addresses for that particular ESSID to “off”. Maybe iOS offers that option as well.

I found out the MAC address on my Unifi-AP. The MacBook has tried to assign itself some IP addresses already assigned and therefore the name of the MacBook is written everywhere in the leases. It is a very strange and questionable behaviour of this system.