MAC address in Firewall log

What MAC Address is displayed in the firewall log?
when I go to:
WUI-Logs-Firewall Logs

I see some weird source IP’s from CN, BR, CL, KE and the MAC address is the same.
I can’t figure out whose MAC address is that

Firewall Log

That is the MAC address of the interface on your ISP’s Gateway system.

You can find it listed in the WUI menu Status - Network (others) in the ARP Table Entries at the bottom of that page.

Your ISP’s Gateway IP is listed on the System - Home page.



for the sake of completeness: MAC addresses are a local thing, and are not visible to other non-local networks. Therefore, any MAC address appearing in conjunction with a public IP address that does not belong to a local network most likely belongs to a local gateway, modem, or similar networking equipment.

For a quick analysis on the vendor the MAC address range is assigned to, this tool might be helpful.

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Peter Müller


This is another search tool that might be useful