Lost blue interface after upgrade...>

Hi all,

I just upgraded to the latest core version and since then, I’ve lost my wifi interface.

The WAN connection (RED) still works fine, as does my LAN interface (GREEN) but I can no longer see my WIFI network from laptop when listing wifi connections.

Any tips of where I can start to investigate this please?


same for me

I worked it out…
For some reason, the upgrade removed hostapd… the CLI lets you configure the blue interface but doesn’t switch it on.
You need to go into the web GUI, go into PakFire and then install hostapd. then go into DHCPD and setup DHCP on the blue interface et voila :slight_smile:

Good luck

thx for your answer, i will try it today.
I am a little bit sceptical, because it seems the wifi interface is gone.
Even when i go through the setup menue, it can’t find the blue0 interface. It see a blue interface, but it has the same mac address as the red interface.
My hardware is a Zotac ZBOX CI327.