Losing bandwidth with the time

I’m not sure where to put this topic.
I got a new gaming laptop today and downloaded/installed all games (>200GB - not finished yet).
I wondered about a lowing bandwith with the time.
First I downloaded some steam games which was limited to 4MB/sec. (don’t know why).
After that I started downloading the uplay games with no limit and ~13MB/sec.
However the bandwidth lowers with the time.

As you can see in the hardware diagram the system is still the same busy with just 3MB/sec and 13MB/sec.

Why is that?

If I pause the download and restart it after a couple of seconds it has got the full bandwith again until it starts to lower it again (and I don’t know why :neutral_face:).

Edit: the problem does not occure with trafic between green and blue - I can sync a large amount of files with my server and ~ 40MB/sec (max. of my wifi) without any problems.


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Are you using the proxy?
What does the hard drive usage say at this time?

Yes, but steam doesn’t support proxy and uplay wasn’t configured to use the proxy.
I don’t have a hdd. ipfire is configured to cache all traffic in RAM only.

Switch off the proxy and see if the effect still occurs.

Hm actually I can’t do that because I will need to change firewall rules to keep the internet working. I will put another ipfire box in the DMZ an test again.

Internet should work from home without a proxy. Sounds like you’ve bent more than you need to. I don’t know your exact constellation.
Therefore: Sorry, I can not help you.

I had the same problem. I have fixed it by reducing the MTU setting of the affected host to 1200 for a period. after a while it was set back to default, hence i infer ISP networking issues.

I actually don’t have that option to set in the modem.

i dont know if i should start a new topic but im having the same problem on core 141 with getting disconnected from steam and assault cube.
im with Shaw Business in Canada on a static ip +google DNS with management disabled on my modem
theirs also a ping being blocked by IPS between the static IP and the gateway.

My problem was not related to ipfire, because I got a new modem and the problem was gone.