Looking for the Zabbix agent template

I decided I wanted to add my IPFire into my Zabbix monitoring. I was expecting to do a bunch of work, but to my great surprise and delight @starkstromkonsument has already done it! Works great! Hooray! Thank you so much!

I noticed that it comes with a UserParameter for Pakfire:

# cat /etc/zabbix_agentd/zabbix_agentd.d/userparameter_pakfire.conf
### Parameter for monitoring pakfire status
UserParameter=pakfire.status,sudo /opt/pakfire/pakfire status

However, I can not find a matching Zabbix Template for those items. I don’t see it in the old or new forums. I didn’t see it in the Github repo (though I did find the commit ). Nor did I find one on share.zabbix.com .

I’m happy to create one, but before I do I thought I would ask if there’s a template that I just haven’t found yet.

Anyone know if there’s a matching template for Pakfire?



I created a template called “App Pakfire (IPFire)” for this, but never finished / shared it. I attached it to my post, in case you want to use / improve it. Please test it carefully!

zbx_export_template_app_pakfire.xml.tar.gz (1.4 KB)

Regards, Alex

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Brilliant! Works great. I haven’t tested all the triggers yet but the data is coming in exactly as it should. I will purposefully hold back on the next update a day or so just to see what the triggers come in like.

I think it’d be worth updating the wiki page with it (may a link to a Git repo).
Thanks Alex!

[Edit: I did change from checking every 10 minutes to every 6 hours. I figured that was a more reasonable gap for my setup. Everything else looks great.]