Looking for testers for IPTV


IPFire supports IPTV as sold by many ISPs all around the world. However, the development team isn’t very sure that it actually works well. We unfortunately do not have anyone on the team who is using IPTV with IPFire.

So, this is a post to reach out to everyone who uses this as we are rolling out some changes on the network stack with the next Core Update 173. We are not sure whether it might break things…

Therefore I would like to reach out here for anyone who can help us test this update. Please get in touch :slight_smile:



I can help the project. I have an IPTV. I am still on 172. Last time I turned on my tv was maybe one year ago. This week end I will see if it still works, then I am available for any test you would like me to execute.


To me IPTV is Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Disney+, etc. These are all services that arrive via Internet and not via CableTV.

Is that what you want tested?

I think he means the broadcast protocol used by an internet provider to redirect live television over IP. Basically TV channels, the one you get with an antenna, are packaged and broadcasted to the providers and then upon request one of those goes to the client that pays for that service. Changing channel, opens a new stream. This is the protocol that requires to install and configure the igmpproxy package because the multicast mode.

I came across a website ustvnow dot com. There is a free section. I tried one of the steams and all seems ok. Audio and video are fine.

https://www dot ustvnow dot com/live/reuters/-155

I am not sure what I am looking for but it seems a-OK.

Tested with:
IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core-Update 173 Development Build: master/fa2f6cb6

I’m still on 172 and IPTV (Telekom) works good. I do have some bogon hits with the multicast packets but I guess that is me not completely understanding the igmp proxy config. It’s working though. I’ll see whether I can update to testing and report back.

Edit: [updated to 173 testing]: IPTV was running for about 30minutes without hiccups. So it seems working even with your changes in the networking code.



same for me. I’m on 172 and IPTV (provider free.fr) works good. I have also some bogon hits with on of my TV (running on a kind of Linux). I’m using Netflix, MyCanal (through their own IP box, Netflix is also included in it).

Not yet tested with 173.

Hello everyone,

No, this isn’t quite IPTV. It probably falls into the category, but what I actually meant is multicast streaming like Deutsche Telekom is using which is based on IGMP.

So you basically need a plan from your provider that offers this because a normal internet connection can normally not send or receive multicast packets.

What do you need to do? Please install Core Update 173 from testing and let me know whether IPTV still works. If it doesn’t we will need to debug it.

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In case you missed my edit I can confirm that IPTV (Magenta from Deutsche Telekom) is working flawlessly with 173 testing.


No I didn’t see the edit.

But thanks for testing! We will not need any changes then for Core Update 173.

@ms I will post my test early next week. My provider is Init7

Hello @ms,
are these “some changes on the network stack” related to the update of the IGMPproxy?
I’m using this proxy addon (v0.3) at home to watch Magenta Entertain from Deutsche Telekom via their Media Receiver which uses IGMPv3.
This works fine with 172, without any additional firewall tweaks.

I try to upgrade to 173 this weekend, to see if it breaks TV.
Problem will be to revert to 172 in case of, but that’s not the point here.

the way I will approach this problem is to install from scratch 173 on an external usb stick, restore my config, reboot and test. The internal hd will not be touched, to avoid mistakes during the installation, I will remove it from the machine.


Here in the Netherlands, i Use two way of watching TV.
One is with the providers box that go via lan, witch is working a while already.
The other way is ligging in on the providers Website. Al works with the 172 i could try tomorrow night the 173 with them.
My provider is Ziggo, and they advised and kind strongly recommend to install ther box directly to there modem and not trough any 3prarty router, and for sure not trough a firewall.
Till now it’s still working.
I don’t like things go directly to the modem!

No, but we asked ourselves the same question back then, if there is anyone who is actually still using it since we didn’t get any bug reports regarding IPTV in years. So it either works or is absolutely broken :slight_smile:

Good to know it just works…

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Isn’t the solution as simple as allow two vVLAN identifiers (tags) on Red ?
Then both multicast and the other traffic is accepted.

I am on my way to change ISP. If I chose to connect fiber directly into my IPFire and at the same time like to use the supplied TV box, IPFire can’t handle this.

However since I use AppleTV, this won’t be a problem, as I just apply the correct tag on red.
If I need multicast, it will be an issue.

Isn’t that what IGMP proxy is for.

I wanted to inform you that it would cost me nothing to install “IPFire 173 test” and test it with IPTV. I would have already done that if I had IPTV.
With that I add that on the testing side (especially with hardware) maybe I could help you test new future versions of IPFire, without making big promises.
If you want, let me know if you need any small testing help of this kind. I will see if I can help you without any commitment.

Of course any testing feedback is very valuable for us.

Even a quick message saying “Everything I use works” is handy as we know that we didn’t break things. If something broke, a bug report would obviously be the way to go.


Hi all, sorry for being late, but i just did the test, my ipbox(that looks like this):

Did work after the 173, but it needed to do some reconfiguring, it did that last time to from 171 to 172.

So it looks that the ipbox see something but is able to get to the provider.

I will revert my ipfire to the stable after a week, I will leave it for a week.

Best regards