Looking for a modem IPFire to T-Kom


We are in the process of upgrading our IT. For various reasons we decided to set up a server with IPFire.
We currently have a be.IP router running because (unfortunately) there is still an ancient ISDN system behind it, which will soon be gone and we are changing over there too.
Now I still have the problem that I’m looking for a good but cheap modem.
We tried it with the Digitization Box 2 Premium from Telekom, but that didn’t work at all and the employees at Telekom didn’t have the foggiest idea about IPFire. But there was no bridge mode possible, and not even Telekom managed to release all ports…

We currently have a (unfortunately at the end of the world, with only one 16der connection) VDSL/ADSL connection.

Now my question, can someone recommend us a simple and cheap but good modem? What are you using?

Alternatively, I would have thought that the old be.IP router would be “abused” and a kind of DMZ where everything goes through to get to IPFire (red connection).

Do you have an idea?

Many greetings


um, glad to hear that, I guess? You line does not sound overly happy, but I have misread it. :slight_smile:

For VDSL connections, I am very satisfied with the DrayTek Vigor 130 modems - which cost around 100€ when I checked last time (a few years ago). For bare ADSL connections, Allnet ALL0333CJ works perfectly fine as well.

However, since there is always a chance of getting “fast” internet, I guess it is more sensible to go for a VDSL-capable modem straight away, and let it fall back to ADSL as long as nothing better is available.

Paying ~ 100€ is the way lesser evil here, particularly when it comes to security, as I presume that be.IP device won’t receive any firmware updates anymore.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Full agreement and recommendation. With the correct firmware just perfect. The current version is 167.

I’d also recommend a Draytek router. They build nice devices with a decent firmware (the latter is the weak point in many other SOHO products).

Good morning Mr. Müller,

I think I worded that wrong :slight_smile: I’ve been running IPFire on a small Supermicro server in my office since (I think) 2013 or 14 and I’m extremely happy with it. I don’t know of any routers (neither Telekom nor others) that run so well and are stable + so many addons. I find IPFire perfect. For this reason, I think “donations” are really useful so that such projects continue.

I had an ALL0333CJ here for a few days. With all the settings I found in the forum, I tried to get the thing to work - unfortunately without success. I have VDSL and no ADSL!??

I would also like to part with our old “be.IP” device, absolutely. Hence the decision to use IPFire + new hardware. Our boss doesn’t think it’s that great :), since it simply costs money in terms of hardware, but I always say safety comes first, that safety and then safety.

And now I’ll get out on the subject of DSL line.
We are at Telekom, the next (or last) distribution box is literally almost 1km away from us.
I already had several technicians from Telekom and other telecommunications technicians who are external to Telekom here in the house.
We currently have a 16-thousand line… no question, terrible bad. But it gets even better! The line from the distribution box to us on the site is around 800m long and this line is on the last free port on the Telekom distribution card in the box.
Multiple complaints didn’t help, Telekom doesn’t want to and won’t make any improvements because, according to a Telekom service employee, it costs money and is uneconomical for them.
Since this is not the crowning glory, we have to share this 16-thousand line with 3 other small companies. Therefore, we only receive 6000 in the download, and a maximum of 1500kb/s in the upload.
Stupidly, Telekom is the only one who has any “leadership” here, everyone else saddles up with us on Telekom. Even Vodafone, who would sell you everything, even for the grave… resign and say, we can’t help you there and don’t offer anything either.

LTE … Everyone, really every provider says: You have 2 transmission masts within range, but so far at the edge of the range and around us there are trees and a bit of forest. Again, everyone says this will only work if you get the antenna up to 10-20m. But we don’t throw that because our buildings are listed… Near Dachau near Munich.
All the protests only meant that we didn’t even get a call back, even if the line failed again. All in all, a service technician on site told me, it would be better if you move, nothing will happen here.
For a fiber optic expansion, our neighbor was offered to do it within 1/2 year for a payment of 60,000 euros :))))))…
… and that’s just one problem of so many others :slight_smile: like telephony, VPN with branches etc. etc. etc. Don’t think this is anything new for you :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye out for such a Vigor 130 in a moment.

Thank you and best regards for your answers :slight_smile:

Another quick question:

Does it explicitly have to be a “Vigor 130” or can it also be a “DrayTek Vigor 167 Supervectoring/VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem DE-AT-CH”?

It would be great if I could get an answer to this at short notice, then I’ll order immediately :slight_smile:

Thank you for the effort, best regards

According to this page a 167 should also run fine with Telekom VDSL: