Logs that are not clear to me

Foreword: I hope I did the right thing in creating this topic. I was uncertain whether to continue the discussion on the topic mentioned below. Please correct me if I was wrong.

As suggested by @bbitsch

I checked some logs on my server, because it is my habit to brutally modify configuration files.
Below are a few logs that are not clear to me (I have removed what might violate privacy).
Could they be due to damage I did in editing the configuration files? Or is everything regular?

warning	kernel: DROP_CTINVALID IN=blue0 OUT=red0 MAC=............ SRC= DST=47.nnn.nnn.nnn LEN=480 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=63 ID=9096 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=56102 DPT=443 WINDOW=558 RES=0x00 ACK PSH FIN URGP=0 
info	dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from d8:....mac...:55 via blue0
dhcpd	1b	daemon	err	dhcpd: uid lease for client ff:......:ff is duplicate on
dhcpd	1e	daemon	info	dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from ff:......:ff via blue0
dhcpd	1e	daemon	info	dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to ff............ff via blue0
kernel	04	kern	warning	kernel: IPv4: martian source from, on dev blue0
kernel	04	kern	warning	kernel: ll header: 00000000: ...........................

More or less these are the “mystery” errors I see at the moment. They keep repeating themselves. If they are regular, maybe I currently should not have done any damage.
I thank you in advance.

Here is a packet dropped because it has an invalid connection tracking state. There a different reasons why this can happen.

This is a normal message that the client with d8:…mac…:55 renew it’s ip address.

Here the client with ff:…:ff try to renew/reget its address but it is used by another client now so it have to use a new IP instead.

Here a client in blue network try to use a complete different ip range that is not configured on the IPFire so it is maked as martian.


Perhaps until now I have been good at brutally editing files without harm. :grin:
I will always keep an eye on the logs. :wink:

I’ve just added a paragrah about configuration to the wiki article wiki.ipfire.org - What is IPFire? :wink:


I read the whole article.
Of course I agree and the text is clear even for me who do not know English. It is translated perfectly even by the translators. :wink: