"Log In"-bug in IPFire Community when using Brave browser

Does anybody have the same issue with the Brave browser?

Everytime I open this page on the top right it says “Log In”, then I refresh the page and I’m logged in.

First I thought it is a Discourse bug but it doesn’t happen on other Discourse forums.

I don’t normally use Brave but I did have it installed on my Mac.

It seems to work OK for me.

When I got the Save password I clicked Never.

Maybe your password is saved? (just a guess on my part)

Thanks for testing. Now I know it only probably happens on Windows 10/11. Maybe someone with Windows can also test it.

Yes, the login is saved but this popup doesn’t even appear, I can click on “Log In” and I’m logged in.

Have you cleared browser cache and cookies?

Hi @ all

Could it be that you have the password/autofill activate ?

Brave on linux without password/autofill does not show that behavior.

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To complement Loup’s post
Brave portable defaults for Windows10


After tests

Just as @rjschilt wrote

After deleting cookies…

…login window shows up


So you imply that with autofill enabled this behaviour will occur? Did you test it?

I got the same settings as iptom showed. I also experience this bug on two different PCs, one Windows 10 Pro, the other Windows 11 Pro.

Maybe the weird IPFire Discourse configuration plays a role here, you actually login to people.ipfire.org, not to community.ipfire.org.


Nope. Notice first a question ( because when first introduce in linux, the autofill/password was on by default, therefore causing the same behavior on some other site… back then a few 10’s of upgrade ago)

Because i have not used a doze machine since years, i state that

Hope this answer your question

Now I logged out, deleted the password, deleted the cookies (couldn’t), turned off the autofill and restarted the browser.

Same behavior. Blocked all cookies for testing. By the way Brave Shields was off all the time.

I couldn’t delete the cookie because of this bug:

It’s probably a Brave bug (only on Windows and Linux?) but in relation to a non-matching URL on IPFire.


It’s just annoying because I think the browser notifications also don’t work when closing the page.