Location Database Corrections

Hey Peter,

i have the problem, that some ips do not have the correct location in the location database.

An Example:
Its part of ASN AS14061 DigitalOcean, LLC / main-range

Did i understand correctly, that the new database only use the “main-country” of the ASN or of the range ?

An other example:
The location database says Australia. But it’s South Korea.

Is it possible to add the correct location für subranges?
And where can we report issues, so that they can be corrected quickly?

And if it’s not possible, then we definitely have to talk about this matter. In my Example 1, i don’t want accept any connections from Singapore, but the connection works, because the database says United States. In this state, the new location filter simply makes no sense. I understand why you guys built it and I really celebrate your work, but the database is not really useful like that. Especially if we knew the old database and are used to “accuracy”.

Thanks for your answer in advance.