Location configuration: cannot switch between "will be blocked" and "is allowed"

It appears this has not been asked here before.

I want to change location blocking behavior from “Incoming traffic from this country will be blocked” to “Incoming traffic from this country is allowed”.

No way what I try - it doesn’t work - neither the box for “… will be blocked” can be deselected nor the other one selected:

  • disable location blocking
  • uncheck all
  • try another browser (Firefox, Safari)

IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 153 (but same behavior before)

Kind Regards.

NB: the location blocking is a very useful feature! Reduces the noise level dramatically.

I’ve noticed the same issue here with recent versions. I wonder if it has ever worked?

I have never bothered to follow-up.

Thanks for making the effort to log this.

Which buttons do you click?
Only the buttons for the countries are functional. The bottom line is the legend.
Did you follow the hint at top of page after clicking ‘save’ ( “Please reload the firewall ruleset in order to apply your changes.” )? This must be done from the rules page.

Thanks for the hint with the legend - it looks like a legitimate feature right now. Would be an easy change I guess to format it differently so people do not fall into the trap. But no harm done. Block works nicely anyhow.

And yes, I am aware about the requirement to reload the firewall rules after changing location block.
It is always amazing to see the difference in the logs when I have to open the block temporarily. This is a very powerful control against less sophisticated attackers who don’t have access to 0-day exploits …

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Maybe it is worth to report it to bugzilla. There is another page with the problem, the selection of P2P networks.