Location Block - great feature!

Just started using IPFire in a Home setting and so far I’m very impressed. The Location Block is simply a brilliant addition. After blocking all the countries I’m not dealing with, my daily incoming hits have plummeted from over 40,000 to just 6,000.

Just wondering if I could go even further and basically block all countries :thinking: We are not using VoIP in the family and I have to figure out if the firewall really need to be reachable at all.

What about incoming Skype calls or incoming calls from other messenger apps? Or dynamic DNS?

Hi @tom556
FWIW, I have blocked all / everything in Location Block and I do use VoIP … and everything seems to work just fine :grinning:
Obviously, I’m exposing no services for originating incoming connections from the internet / red zone.


Hi @tom556 ,

if you do not host something (like webserver, a cloud) and do not use the external ip adress to connect to it directly or with a domain you do not need any country be able to connect from outside to it including your own.

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