Local names are not resolving after updating to 154

In 153, local names were resolving but after upgrading to 154, they are not. This is not the first time this issue has occurred.

After rebooting, the names are resolving. The update from 153 to 154 didn’t require a reboot. Perhaps it should have.

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I noticed the same issue. Rebooting should be included in the update to 154.

Experience issue too with name for our local ISP’s mail servers.
Rebooted and OK for an hour, then failed again.
Another 154 IPFire accessing the same mail server now experiencing same issue too.
Log attached before first reboot.

As several people have needed to have a reboot it would probably make more sense to have the logs after you have rebooted and when you have the problem restart with access to your mail servers.

Here’s log from one of my sites now showing issues since 154.
It has Red fixed IP, which could be related to, as my other sites are all PPPoE, and they are not showing the issue.