List gets borked when a BOOTP client gets its IP

Continuing the discussion from DHCP dynamic clients not showing as expected:

I just stumbled upon this problem myself. The reason seems to be that the list gets borked when a BOOTP client gets its IP. So, BOOTP has to be enabled, and a BOOTP client has to actually connect (and as very few run BOOTP devices nowadays it’s hard to reproduce but I suspect the OP had one such device). In my case, I connected an old printer where I had by mistake activated BOOTP as the primary IP-getter.

I had to restart the DHCP server to fix it, and that also deleted the old dynamic leases list, which IIRC isn’t typical (but I am probably wrong about that). The System/DHCP log showed all devices getting/reacquiring their IPs fine, regardless of the non-working list, and that included that pesky BOOTP device – so the problem is purely cosmetic.

This is on 185 testing BTW. I am happy to contribute to such a long thread but do not wish to have my static/dynamic habits discussed. :wink:

Yes, I was wrong about that – it is always reset.

The problem (which is likely the problem in the thread this was split from, too) is because of incorrect parsing of the /var/state/dhcp/dhcpd.leases file. The parsing will choke on the BOOTP client due to it having no end time. A bug has been filed.

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