Limit net traffic to orange only


I have to throttle the bandwidth of the orange network a bit because the VPN collapses over red to green.
The orange network consumes all the bandwidth of the red network :frowning: I don’t know what they are doing, but that’s not how it works!
Activating QoS had no effect.
A test with the DSL speed test also showed no change.
Do I need to install anything else from Pakfire?

Thank you very much.

QoS is a tool, but needs config. Without rules, QoS does quite nothing.

It’s a really flexible tool, so the theory behind needs quite effort to be understood, then design a config (pair config entries with goals in your draftbook) than… verify if works as inteded, trying to trigger rules and verify how the system and communication behave.

bwm-ng can help you to verify how QoS is changing the behavior of IPfire and how much data flow.

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QoS always refers to red.
But I have to throttle orange.
Green and blue remain unthrottled because they have priority.

You can setup a QoS rule using your server ip.
You can also rate limit any firewall rules to your Orange Zone.
QoS is not a hard max usage.
Your server can still use all free bandwidth if nothing else is using it.

If your orange network contains mainly servers accessed from outside, as I suppose, throttling one path ( red → orange ) throttles the whole network.
With less requests the amount of answers lower also.

The network structure is:
green: admin only
blue: Server
orange: Office (Wherever something from Youtube is shaking)

I’ve already thought about turning the orange network card into a 10Mbit one.
Unfortunately I don’t know where I can change the settings.

You can’t change anything in the firewall rules.

Do I understand right?

  • Green network is for admin only
  • Blue network contains some servers ( accessible from outside ? )
  • Orange network is your local network with client devices

That isn’t matching the IPFire ‘standard’:

  • green0 is the trusted local network with devices demanding internet access
  • blue0 is an additinal local network which uses wireless connection; the kind of connection lowers trustiness
  • orange0 is a network for servers, which shall be accessible from outside ( WAN ). Usually there is no access to the other local networks.

Found something “ethtool”.