Limit Bandwidth per IP / User

ahoy, i have googled a lot but i couldn’t find a solution to a maybe easy problem.

i want to limit the download/upload bandwidth to every user on the green side of a red/green ipfire.

the obvious settings in web proxy didnt work :frowning:

tried wondershaper (Egress and ingress bandwidth throttling for blue working by using Wondershaper) but it didnt work @r33p :frowning:

anybody can help?


See the WUI menu item Services - Quality of Service and the associated wiki page

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Thx, i did already, but neither i am to stupid or it is because of my bad english (not motherlanguage), that i cannot find the right settings. Can you or andybody else post some steps to realize a “speedlimit” for single or all clients?

Start here.

This video is in English.

I’m trying to tweak QOS on my system.
And I will say it is easy for me to understand
Work in progress. Hope you find it helpful.
There are to example links on the QOS page.

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Hey, i thought i got it but i cheered to fast…

here the steps ive done:

  • Services → Quality of Service
  • Set Downlink/Upload speed of Internet-Connection (100.000/10.000 )
  • Add Parentclass 110 (Upload) red0 and choose Limits (1000guaranteed / 2000max)
  • Add Parentclass 210 (Download) imq0 and choose Limits (3000guaranteed 4000max)

now i thought every client gets the choosen guaranteed limits put it points out, that all clients shared the set limits… so when my testclient was alone it works perfect, when i get the other client online and do speedtests on both simulataniously the shared the limit.

sorry for my bad english, but you guys get it what i am trying to say?

i want to limit every client now to never get more than 4000 down / 2000 up

Looks like you can add a port rule “etherip”
But You may need a separate Parent class for each user.
If you only have a few users this may be manageable.