Libvirt Network


I’m running Libvirt with external Virt-Manager.

I can get the OS installed and connected to the LAN but no connection to the internet (Red).

I have set GREEN_MODE = bridge as per docs.

I noticed since Core 156 macvtap is removed. Yet on setup in Virt-Manager the available adapters are shown as macvtap.

As mentioned using these still seems to allow connection to LAN devices on green. Just not to ipfire firewall or internet.

Does anyone have any experience of this?


Now solved:

Initially the only adapters (host device) shown within virt-manager were macvtap. i.e green0p0 : macvtap

At this time, bridge had been set i.e /var/ipfire/ethernet/settings GREEN_MODE=bridge

The problem was, that under GUI Zone Configuration, the green ethernet adapter was set to ‘None’. After this was changed to ‘Native’, the correct bridge adapter appeared in virt-manager - Bridge green0 : Host device green0p0.