Libvirt addon, virt-manager alternative for windows

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I have a question about it:
Is there an alternative to virt-manager that can run under windows and manage my IpFire libvirt virtual machines?
For linux I have no problems. But since I also use windows, it’s convenient for me to be able to find something for windows too.

According to virt-viewer, virt-viewer is available as source code for Windows.

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I thank you.
Does it also allow to create the virtual machine inside IpFire?
It would be great if it could do that too.
I confess that I have little understanding of how it works. virt-viewer It seemed to me more like a simple software with few things.
But if it can also be used to create the machine, I’ll study it thoroughly.
Thanks again.


I tried with:
qemu+ssh://user@ name_vm
and many other tests.
But I always get errors similar to the one in the picture.
Where am I wrong?
I can’t find an online guide to help me.