Libredns not validating

I’m trying to use libredns over tls and it reports not validating.

What does that mean? I looked at the unbound log but don’t see any mention of it.

How do you have it entered in the Domain name system?
Screen shot.

This maybe your problem.

One of the motives for creating this service was to build a DNS server that will keep a minimum amount of (meta)data and only the bare minimum that is required for its core functionality, in respect to users privacy.

In detail:

  • We keep no logs. Logs are disabled for our DNS daemon.
  • We use a local resolver for the DNS requests. We use OpenNIC as our Tier 1.

There is no mention of DNSSEC.
There for it is not a good choice.
Not going to work.


this provider seems to strip out DNSSEC information, so IPFire cannot validate DNS responses recveiced from It is therefore unusable.

Please refer to the wiki for a list of public DNS/DoT resolvers known to work with IPFire.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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