Libloc disabled after core upgrade

Hi all,

Prerequisites : Libloc enabled and most countries checked

after updating the core and reboot of IPfire, I noticed that libloc (location block) is systematically disabled and all countries uncheck.

Note: Tests performed on core updates 148 testing and 149 dev



thank you for letting us know about this.

At least for normal firewall rules using countries as a source or destination, I did not observe a similar (mis)behaviour of IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 148 (testing). Could you please open up a bug at (your login credentials work there as well) and give some additional technical details such as log messages, so we can track down this further?

Thanks in advance, and best regards,
Peter Müller

I can confirm this.

Bug report done.


@anon33261557, thanks for that !

Its fixed now. Look at bugzilla link above and


Great ! Thanks !