Latency logs - graphs , monitor , download

My line is prone to dopping packets and large latency problems.
Is there a way I can real-time view / download data to give to my ISP.

Hi @sailjeffa26

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The latency is shown on the WUI page Status - Network (other) in the Gateway graph.

You can see both the average ongoing level and also any spikes that occur.


Thank you for your reply.
Between that and an external test:

Hopefully it will give my ISP enough to get Openreach out and fix the noise on the line.
Which I know is there as the eng showed my when he hooked it up. It was way off , after a lot of playing and visits to the exchange, he just got it inside BT tollerences.
But I keep getting dropped packets and long latency. My ISP cant book a call without evidence. Or I pay a large fee if the eng calls and says it’s ok etc etc.
Just love red tape and blaming someone else culture.
Anyway thank you again.