Last successful blacklist update was 51 days ago

Hello all,

What is the reason that the update list here is so old?

How can I import various domains as blacklist because there are about 6000.

Regards Paul

Shalla Secure Services and MESD have both closed down. See this link from Shalla Secure Services.

This topic was discussed in the Development monthly video conf call.


How can I import various domains as blacklist because there are about 6000. It is about such domains here.


Where is the best way to store such domains in ipfire and in which format?

Hallo @pablo78

Disclaimer:- I do not use the url filter and have not so my input is based only on looking at the files that are used by the URL filter in IPFire.

If you place a domain name in the Custom blacklist box on the URL filter page and then press save then that domain name ends up in

If you do the opposite and place domain names, one per line in the above file and then refresh the URL filter wui page the domain names placed in the file appear in the Custom blacklist box. This I have confirmed by testing this myself with some dummy domain names.

So if you have a file with your list of 6000 domain names you could just pipe them into that above file.

What I can’t help you with is if that list can contain names as you have starting with a * and ending with a /*
You might need to remove those or if they are needed as wildcards then you might need to put this list into the
file which contains the contents of the Custom expression list and can deal with regular expressions.

You might need to experiment to find what format is accepted in which table but once you have defined that then you can pipe your list of names into the appropriate file.


There are scripts to convert known adblock lists into squidGuard compatible files.
Does anyone has experience with this?

e.g. squidguard-adblock/ at master · jamesmacwhite/squidguard-adblock · GitHub

Question to this topic:

I’m still using MESD of an old download I done.

Was MESD downloads of URL Filter and there the Expressions offered under the GPL?
Is it possible to add the expressions to IPFire wiki, under an option examples of custom expression?
I know expressions will work with just http URLs, not with http(s).