Keyboard on laptop not working during setup

I have a problem with the keyboards on my laptop not working with ipfire.

I have an old laptop that I try to use again as an ipfire laptop but it does not seem to work.

The startup screen appears but stops at this point


The keyboard does not seem to work. I always use Debian on this laptop, so the keyboard keys are at least compatible with Debian.

Any idea what to do?

In your opinion, this is due to the inadequacy of the keyboard drivers. Where should I start looking?

Maybee in the installer ramdisk is a module missing. I know that usual AT/PS2 and usb keyboards are working. Try to use an usb keyboard to install and hope that the full installation will detect the keyboard.

Have you checked md5 sum on the downloaded file ?. If that is correct, then try writing it to different installation media

Sounds like a good idea. I check it using multiple wifi and see if there is a difference.


That was one of the things I was thinking about, too. Thanks for the suggestions I will do it: However, I noticed that the keyboard works well on the boot screen: image3

but stops working after that.

In the bootmenu the keyboard is handled by the bios so this should always work. But after this it start the linux kernel and need drivers but imho linux has drivers for nearly all keyboards.

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