Kernel Panic during installation >2.25

Hi together,
I’ve tested the installer on different of my virtual environments: Virtualbox 6.1 with Remotebox on Ubuntu server 20.04. And on last version of Proxmox PVE server.
All installation until ipfire 2.25 are working. Installations since 2.27 generating a “Kernel Panic - not syncing: No working init found.” at the beginning. After installation with 2.25 and updating ipfire to latest 2.27 - 163 version, the VM’s are running smooth. Only the installer 2.27 - 159 and greater results in a Kernel panic.
I’ve testet several settings in the VM’s like CPU#, RAM-Size, BIOS/EFI, IDE/SATA, etc. Nothing helps.
Seems like the new Kernel within the installation process since 2.27 - 159 doesn’t like VM’s. Hmmm…?

Hallo @kamillentee

Welcome tpo the IPFire community.

I am using Virtualbox 6.1.32 on Arch Linux to create a vm network testbed that I use to evaluate new Core Updates of IPFire and for evaluation of bug fixes.

I have done updates both using Pakfire and full new installs with Core Update 160, 161 and 163 recently and had no problems with any kernel panics.

I suspect that your kernel panics might be affected by your vm setup.

What setup do you have with your Virtualbox IPFire vm?

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