Just NO-LOG. HowTo?

There was a thread in Nov. 20 in this direction: Running ipfire from a Flash-Card is fine, but not optimal w.r.t. log files. Here in our settings, we don’t necessarily need them. And the SD-Card doesn’t particularly like them.

My preferred workarounds:

  1. In a RAM-Disk. Is there any method to produce a RAM-Disk at install (or later), and point the logging systems there? With roll-over? Then I can still see the more recent ones there, even copy them. Then they won’t be lost. And, no, I don’t want to set up a logging server just to avoid Flash-Card wear.
  2. Instead of writing somewhere into /usr/var writing into /dev/null.
  3. Faking an app listening on Which receives, and forwards to /dev/null.

Any other suggestion welcome, of course!

Thanks in advance,


Writing to /dev/null is IMO no solution.
I agree, most of the logs only consume space and time ( and write accesses ). But experience shows, that they are necessary in case of errors.
Thats a bit like the spare tyre in the car. The weight increases the fuel consumption, but you are very lucky in case of a defective tyre.

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Maybe you could mount /var/log on a cheap usb stick or a nas mount, if you use one in your network. Several good tricks on how to do that: linux - How can I move /var/log directory - Server Fault

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Yeah, @cfusco, but that’s what I could have mentioned further up as no. 99. It is not an engineers’ solution. Using a wasted USB flash for stuff that you don’t want … and what happens with a box that one day helps secure a MSE, but has a full, or - worse - failing USB-drive? Right, the system will get stuck.
Security is different.

@bbitsch: No need to tell me, sorry. But for the time being, I don’t need to waste my flash writes. If ever fiddling with ipfire turns out to be a success - and from the first day it looks pretty logical and intuitive - once it goes into production, it would have a remote log in any case.

I can’t see anything wrong with disabling log writes. Some 15 years ago I went with m0n0wall. And the best part of it was, that I could mechanically set the flash to write-protect. That gave me many stress-free days and nights. The whole OS loaded into RAM from a ROM at boot.