Jetway FBZ10 Mini Network Appliance with Intel J6412 Quad Core CPU, M.2 2242 and 4x 2.5Gb Intel LAN

This machine seems to be interesting, at a first look of the specs, as a low cost IPFire appliance.

This has the buggy Intel I225-V. Even after 3 revisions of that chip it’s still known to be unstable. The Topton machine has 6x Intel I226-V, but it’s also knows to cause trouble.


Do you have some references for the I226-V troubles?


I get that there are lots of reports and was hoping for something more specific. So I gather that’s all we know.

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And again it’s a power-management issue (EEE). I wonder how much more time it will take until Intel finally drops that error-prone feature. This has caused yet so much trouble over the last years, not only on Linux. :roll_eyes:

Is this information secured, is this really it, and nothing more? In this case, if the driver supports it, one could deactivate EEE,

No nothing is secured since the manufacturers normally do not admit such faulty designs.
It is merely empirical value I gained over the years.
From my experience if you encounter problems with things stopping to work after XX minutes or when the machine is idle for some time, most of the time it’s power-management related.
And it’s not the first time that Intel f***ed up the power-management implementation in their ethernet chips and/or drivers.
Again, only from my personal experiece, disabling all power-saving features in relation to ethernet stuff keeps you out of trouble of that kind.