Is there a way to schedule port forwarding?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if it’s a way to tel ipfire, to open/forward some ports and afterwards close/stop them.

At: 10:00 start port forwarding and then
At: 15:00 stop port forwarding.

I know it’s a scheduler to automatically reboot and reconnect the firewall, but not wat I’m thinking/saying.

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Hi @neopegasus.

When you create a Firewall rule, on the page itself, at the very end, it allows you to create a time rule so that the rule you are defining is applied or not:

May be this help you. Tell us if it isn’t.



:person_facepalming:t5::person_facepalming:t5::person_facepalming:t5:I was looking at the connection schedule, and i also look at the rule set it self but I think, i didn’t read good :blush::+1:t4:, when I am back home I will look in to it, for now I fix it to make a script for the server it self to turn off for the time i don’t need it but as the server is needed for other stuff I was wondering to close the port and not the full server.

Best regards