Is there a way to add multiple IPs to black list?

Is there a way to add multiple IPs to black list? I’m unable to see such an option. How would I do this now in both directions?

I also wish to request these features, in the connections section, would it be possible to add a checkbox beside IP addresses and actions to apply, like a user can select an IP address and choose to block it or allow it, etc.

Another feature I’d like to request is information about ports in connections section, it would be more user friendly, if it showed what a particular port is usually used for in small font or when they hover their cursor over it.

It’s there in URL-Filter.

Since you have to allow incomming connections with firewall rules there’s no need for it.

I don’t now what you’re missing there. You can find the source ip+port and the destination ip+port and you can also sort after it.

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Hi all,
to get the full port range the firewall groups --> are a WUI possibility at this time to block several IPs. You can also use the firewall.local --> with manual intervention, in there is also an example how to block IP lists. If you have a vast list of IPs IPSet --> might be a better solution for this.

But there is a new development on the doorstep --> but am not sure if this includes only external lists or own lists too.



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Have a look at my ipcop ported Banish add-on:


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No I meant textual explanation of what a port is usually used for, like the explanation that port 80 is used for HTTP, port 443 is for HTTPS, port 53 for DNS, etc. Expert users may know this but beginners will not.

On the IPfire console
cat /etc/services
Lists the definitions IPfire uses.