Is there a crontab addon

which represents the cron’ in the gui

fcron is a core part of ipfire.

You can’t control it from the wui you have to use it on the command line from the console or ssh.

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thank you, ok I would like to have the whole thing in the wui /gui if possible

Currently it can not be done from the wui so someone would have to write the code to make that happen.

The core team of developers in the IPFire project is small and they spend their time doing work on the next generation IPFire3.x and fixing bugs and overcoming new security issues identified on the internet for IPFire2.x

Other contributors to IPFire who have the capabilities and are willing to do the coding work are always welcome and the wiki provides information on joining the development mailing list, the git source repository and how to submit patches etc.

If you just want to run some scripts on a periodic basis there are directories where you just place that script and it will be run with a specific frequency automatically. Nothing further needs to be done other than placing the script you want run in the appropriate directory.

The directories are under /etc/ and are named

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When I said

I meant that there is no dedicated wui page just for fcron.

Any wui page that gives you the ability to have something done just for a limited time or only on certain dates and times uses frcon to do that.

So the SSH, Web Proxy, Connection Scheduler, NTP and Firewall Rules WUI pages all utilise fcron for carrying out any time constraint elements.

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OK thank you. then I will probably do it with fcron.

Hi, some simple tasks (like reboot, reconnect RED) can be automated with the Connection Scheduler: