Is the router EA4500 supported

Hi everyone,

I’m new to IPFire and learned about it due to the following link:

According to the information on this site this router supports IPFire. However I was not able to find any information about this router’s support on the IPFire site. Does anyone have any experience or information on loading IPFire on this router?

Any help will be much appreciated.

This router has some serious vulnerabilities so I’m trying to find another use for it.

It will make a good door stop. In general, IPFire is for installing on computers, it won’t work on consumer routers. In other words, it’s not a firmware replacement like DD-WRT, it’s an entire operating system.

Thank you for that complete non answer lacking any substance. If IPFire can run on a Raspberry Pi why would it not run on a much more capable Marvell 88F6282 in this router? I see that there is a ARM install available.

Of course I was not looking for a router replacement with IPFire. I have better options for that with Openwrt. I think a router hardware would be a great choice for this due to low power consumption if it is supported.

Maybe someone else might be able to provide an answer with a bit more substance?

I wish you luck in getting a better answer.

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It will not run on Kirkwood platform anymore because we have removed the support.
-there are compatiblity issues in perl that we are not able to fix
-Fireinfo has reported only a handfull remaining users
-The SoC is sloooooow. A RPi3 has more than 4 times cpu power;a=commit;h=57b17167eb6cdbc35bdcf7f6614f00d8ac50fdd1

In 2012 this router was sold for 100USD. So maybe time for upgrade is come, with more computational power, more network bandwidth and maybe even a faster wireless adapter.
So consider buy an upgrade. After you bought one, @indianajones would you please act as beta tester for that kind of installation?
Currently no support has been expressed.

Where did you find this information?

Arne, thank you for your informative response. This is the type of information I was looking for so I appreciate that you took the time to respond. I have one more question back to you. I know this is a fairly old hardware so I’m not expecting a much out of it. However instead of using it as a doorstop can I still still get IPfire installed on it? since I’m new to this I just wanted to try running it on it and kick the tires before I invested on PC hardware. Where would I find the install instructions? Thanks again for your help!

That router has 1/4 of the minimum 512 MB RAM needed to run a very mimimal IPFire. Its storage is 1/16 of the minumum and a single core 1.2 GHz is marginal too.

You need substantially better hardware for IPFire. There are plenty of amd64 mini PC that would do the job. Virtually any would be compatible with IPFire.

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It will not work because our firewall engine is written in pearl and the interpreter will fail even if you use the latest kirkwood kernel.

I think OpenWRT is a better choice for this hardware.

If you just want to check IPFire out, I’d suggest you pull an old laptop out of the junk drawer. Alternatively, you could run a virtualized installation directly on your PC using Virtual Box. Just assign two virtual NICs for RED and GREEN. I did this a couple months ago, to test some addons without risking to mess up my main IPFire box.

Just to check IPFire, I’d suggest a hardware solution on an old PC only.
Installation and configuration is described best for scenario. Virtual installations are more complex, because you have to configure the virtual nics right.