Is my Hardware enough for 1Gbit Internet?

Hi Community,

i have a 1Gbit Internet by Vodafone Kabel.
When i connect my Notebook directly to the Modem i have 1 Gbit Down.
With my IPFire i get arround 450 Mbit.

Is my Hardware enough or is this my weakness?


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It is actually not too weak, but it seems that the network controllers require a lot of CPU power.

Are you using the Intrusion Prevention System?

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Hi, thanks for your Feedback.
I used it but its deactivated / not running.

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Can you see that one or more processor cores are being used 100%?

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this is how it looks during a speedtest:

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Okay, it is difficult to tell from that screenshot, but I would explain it as follows:

The NIC only has one queue in which it receives (and probably sends packets). That means only one processor core deals with incoming and outgoing packets while the other one is idle.

This is common on hardware that is designed for a different market (in your case an ultra-low power processor for the mobile market which normally do not come with many PCIe lanes anyways) or cheap hardware. So the single-core performance is the bottleneck of this machine.

Our appliances from LWL load-balance traffic across all processor cores so that any additional core improves network throughput:


Ok i understood.
I mean the lightingswirelabs hardware really nice but for private makes not sense.

I can remember there was a thread with shown hardware… maybe i can find a system what works defently with 1Gbit RED.

Thank you!

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As an alternative, anything without a mobile processor probably works better…


Try to disable QoS?
Try to disable IPS?



No way,… iam really stupid… hahahahaha
Thanks for the QoS Input.

I had before 500 Mbit and this was also in the Settings as Speed for the QoS and gave prio to the OPEN VPN.
Now i remembered… its working after Disable.

Thanks a lot… hahaha omg