IS it possible to use Jigsaw's Outline Manager with IPFire?


I have never used IPFire before and even if I’m not totally new to Linux, I only used it as a desktop with Mint for pleasure. I’m willing to use my old PC as a server with something like IPFire. I already know basic stuff like flashing routers (actually, I run on a AsusWRT Merlin flashed one). I know basically how networking and VPNs work. I run OpenVPN as client and server on this router as an example of my knowledge (not even yet an IPTable interested guy!).

So, I want to use this router as AP with my old pc as a home server/firewall. I hope to have a way to manage it as a web GUI like IPFire can. My only concern now is that my own OpenVPN server and even my commercial VPN is block by my work firewall, even if the second is running under Stunnel. So, Jigsaw’s Outline seems a great option to circumvent that problem being a Shadowsocks enhanced work. With the Outline Manager, it looks even easier for newbie like me to set it up. Is it possible to use it on an IPFire system as I’m willing to make?


Hi @anon62673685

Welcome to the IPFire community.

There is no addon for Jigsaw’s Outline Manager so if you wanted it you would have to build your own addon.

However addons in IPFire are usually either built with autotools or with meson/ninja. You can also install perl and python modules into IPFire.

Looking at Jigsaw’s Outline Manager it says that you need to have Node and Yarn installed to be able to build it and it mentions npn being required to build yarn…

Neither Node or Yarn or npn are in IPFire so to build Jigsaw you would first have to build Node and npn and Yarn and none of these use the existing build tools in IPFire. So you would have to figure out the correct way to build them first.

I am not saying they can’t be built in IPFire but you would have to figure out how to do that. It is certainly something I have never tried myself. I am used to doing the builds with autotools or meson/ninja.


Thank you.

That confirm my first thoughts that it could make me have to choose between IPFire or Outline. I need something easy enough to make it right to avoid rendering my server weaker or unstable. I will think about it.

Thanks again