Is it possible to pass all traffic including DNS requests via remote OpenVPN server in IPfire?

Hi! I’ve just installed the IPfire and I want to do the next thing: I want to pass all my traffic (and DNS request too) via OpenVPN. So, I already have OpenVPN server on remote vds and it works fine. I want just connect IPfire (like a client) with this OpenVPN server. I’m using OpenVpn client on my windows PC and it works out of the box (just import a config from OpenVPN server). There is any opportunity to do the same with IPfire for a really dummy user like me?

So my primary question is: there is any tutorial how to setup openvpn client for ipfire if I already have a working remote OpenVPN server?

Yes, but it is not a client/server relationship. In VPN lingo you have a road warrior connection, which is a client/server communication, like your windows PC connecting to your OpenVPN server. Then you have a peer to peer connection called net to net (N2N) where you allow two servers to create a tunnel to connect two separate machines or, more commonly, two separate networks, like they are one bigger LAN. This is normally used to connect separate offices belonging to the same organizations.

This is probably what you are asking, a N2N connection between the IPFire OpenVPN server and your remote server. This way you join together your IPFire LAN and the remote server like they are all in the same network. There is plenty of documentation on the wiki.

You can also have a road warrior connection capable of transversing the N2N tunnel to reach the other side of the tunnel.

With a N2N you could have at home your IPFire machine establishing a tunnel with your office where you run an OpenVPN server. Any machine at home connected to IPFire will be able to see the office network like they were directly connected to the latter. WIth a road warrior connection you could establish a second tunnel from an hotel wifi to your home and from there you could see also the office network by transversing the N2N tunnel.


@cfusco thank you for your detailed response! Will investigate this topic but sounds a little bit difficult for me :slight_smile:
In the end on my question, is it correct that for N2N connection I don’t need an IPfire installed on my remote machine? So I can connect my local IPfire server with remote just OpenVpn server (not IPfire server) ?