Is it possible to create green + red + orange network for hetzner cloud server?

i have a hetzner cloude server, which i have successfully install the ipfire. Now i want to create green + red + orange zone to split nginx webserver(in orange zone) and my application server and db server(in green zone).

But it looks like not possition use setup to create orange zone, because the hetzner server just has one ipv4 address. You can assign some floating ip to this server, but i think, this floating ip just fowarding the request, not create a network interface on the server.

i have already read following tutorial , but there is also nothing about orange zone.

need for some suggestion, thanks :smiley:


personally, I would place all of those VMs into the same network as they do not seem to be in need of different protection levels. If the nginx machine is reachable from RED only and those VMs are properly secured themselves, I do not see what should go wrong here. Just my personal opinion on this… :slight_smile:

Without using Hetzner, the mentioned tutorial refers to the creation of a new network used for GREEN. Could you just simply add another network for ORANGE or does the GUI only support one virtual network per machine?

Yes, floating IPs are like a layer 3 load-balancer (more of a fail-over, really) and won’t solve your problem.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

thanks for the anwer, I will rethink it, and only one green zone could be easist way for me.