Is ipfire stay open source?

Hi there
Its first time for me with ipfire my question is ipfire stay open source can i trust with it to be open source forever or after some time will see some change with there license like some other platform .

Hi @mustafan ,

Maybe this will help:



I understand your concern.
But being part of the community for many years now, I can assure you that a switch to a partly closed software model is very unlikely.

  • To produce a paid software product in the field of IPFire, you need a certain amount of paid developpers. This isn’t the fact in this project. The IPFire project lives with and from a great community of volunteers.

  • As Michael stated in his blog article, in the field of security software it is necessary to know the source of all parts. Only in this way I can really trust in my internet access device.

  • Most ( if not all) of the ‘old’ members of the community trust in this structure. A change would produce a loss of many of them. This means also loss of support, which is contraproductive for the product.

Just my opinion.


its nice to hear there’s realy open source project i can trust it , after i see Michael blog and your opinion we decide to replace our 3 pfsense machine with ipfire in our data center .
Thank you


Welcome to the project!