Is Intel AX200 WIFI6 Card working with ipfire?

Hi there,

i plan to upgrade my WiFi from Compex WLE600VX to an Intel AX200.
Is it working working with ipfire?


No not out of the box. You will need at least kernel 5.1 to support that chipset:

Are there plans to update the kernel version to 5.1 so we can use the AX200 chipset?
Just bought a pair of them, one for the firewall and the second for the HTPC… Was sad to discover no support for this adapter with the current version.

This question has been asked a few times here lately and there are no plans for kernel updates.

Thanks Terry!

There is, at some point, but we won’t update right now.

On the Intel network card: They lock the firmware, so it is very unlikely that it will work in Access Point mode.

I would recommend staying with the Compex card. They are great.

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