Is Endian Firewall Community (EFW) based on IPFire?

There is a free community version of the Endian firewall.

It really looks like a redesigned IPFire Web GUI.

I guess it’s some bait to get customers with an entry-level firewall and then sell them their own firewall once they request more complex features.

It seems to be a common business practice, Netgate is doing the same with pfSense.

And Sophos did the same with the old Astaro Security Gateway (ASG), later rebranded as Sophos UTM. Though the UTM was never free or open source.

As documented in wikipedia Endian is fork of IPCop. This is true for IPFire also. Therefore the resamblance.

If I remember right, the fork was aiming a commercial solution from beginning.
The IPFire fork always was real open source solution. Business interests are only in HW puchase and paid support plans by Lightning Wire Labs ( Michael Tremer ). In my experiance this drives open development more than the partially closed solution of Endian.



Yes, I knew they both are based on IPCop, I just had the suspicion they silently switched to IPFire. But I guess that would be visible in the source files.

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