Is Borg Backup being used?

I am curious - does anyone use Borg Backup?

There is are at least two IPFire forum members using borg backup as they raised two different bugs about problems with borg backup which I was able to fix.

Are you after any specific information or input or just generally interested.

I have set up borg backup to operate on a vm system on my testbed to help with the bug debugging work I did. Now I also check that borg backup does a simple backup and that the fuse mount still works whenever we have a new CU come out for testing.

It is not very detailed testing but it will at least flag up if some major problem has occurred.


I am also a borg-backup user, however I do not use the IPFire addon for that. Borg consumes a bit of CPU cycles (as I backup several virtual machines) and I prefer to have a dedicated setup for that.


A little of both. I was thinking of using it for my ipfire backups.

I see the current ipfire Borg version 1.20 (released 2022-02-22) and the current Borg is 1.2.2 (release 2022-08-20). So I was thinking of updating it.

Is it worth updating if a few people are using?

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There could be more people using it that don’t have any problems and so don’t flags problems on the forum.

Therefore i think generally it is always worth updating.
You can always check the changelog to see what the changes are. If they are only changes related to windows os or to document files then it probably doesn’t make sense to raise an update patch for it.
If it is not clear about the involved changes then i would tend to do and submit the update anyway.


I am also using borg-backup. After core update from 167 to 171 I got depenency problems, but could help myself.

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