IPSec VPN traffic statistics

It appears that the VPN stats (Road Warrior and Net-to-Net) appear to be exclusively for OpenVPN traffic. Is there a way to view IPSec VPN traffic? If not, is it possible to request this as a feature request?

Hello Tim,

this is currently not planned as a feature because it is more complicated for us to collect these statistics.

OpenVPN collects this internally so that we get this data for free.

I’ve just searched to see if any articles as to why my VPN stats not working. IPSec obviously.
I would like to see the next release change the menu and titles for the stats pages.
Please change “VPN” to “OpenVPN” to make it crystal clear.
Thanks in advance.

2.25 core149 still says VPN not OpenVPN.

Sorry, I did not see a bug report that addressed this, and therefore no change was proposed.

@ipcopmann - Please add a bug report to Bugzilla. That will get this issue the attention it deserves.

Here is information about Bugzilla:

Here is the Bugzilla system:

If you have any questions or need help with the Bugzilla system please ask.

Dear Jon, this is already done :wink:


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