IPSec stopped working after update

After updating from version 148 to 152 the IPSec service won’t start anymore.
Dmesg is showing, that charon doesn’t like libm-2.32.so anymore.

[ 2876.076011] traps: charon[26485] trap invalid opcode ip:75969f1c83ac sp:7ffe7c7511d8 error:0 in libm-2.32.so[75969f14d000+a2000]
[ 2881.088395] traps: charon[26526] trap invalid opcode ip:75e4759bc3ac sp:7fffc92c5288 error:0 in libm-2.32.so[75e475941000+a2000]

Furthermore there is also an error at startup.

Please give more details of your system.

Is this arm or x86? is this 32 or 64 bit? Run this on a vm or real hardware?

It is a 64 bit VM and x86.

I cannot reproduce this on real hardware and a KVM machine with core152.

Sounds like your vm cannot handle intels cf-protection correctly. Old x86_64 cpus ignore this new opcodes and should not treat it as illegal instructions.

I know at least about one bug in the linux KVM module that is fixed since November that may match.

Is your host up to date?

The VM is running on a up to date VMWare Platform.
When i clone the Machine and update it to 152 IPSec seems to work, but the boot error still happen.

Which version of ESX/i?
Is it updated?

It is VMware ESXi, 6.7.0, 17167734

So any suggestions?