IPSec Routing Problem

I add an additional IPSEC net to net wich has as Remote Subnet an public IP Range. From this Point an other IPSEC net to net is no longer working. As i checked the setting i see that the second use also a public IP Range for Remote subnet. Then i check with tracert some ip`s and find out, that all public traffic is gone over the first IPSEC and if i disable this over the second IPSEC. So how can i secure, that only the Remote Subnet is routed to its corrosponding IPSEC?

No one that can help with this issue?

I it catastophic, that automatic route setting for IPSEC Connection is not working as expected. The IpFire is setup with standard Firewall rules. So i wonder that a IPSEC Connection claims all traffic instaed of only the traffic for its configured sub net.

Virtual Private Networking.
Why the remote network should be a public subnet?

Hi, thats my question. If all IPSec Connections are stoped the Internet traffic goes over RED. If first IPSEC Connection is started its subnet and all other Traffic goes over the IPSEC Connection. If i start second IPSEC Connection all Traffic including the Traffic for the first IPSEC is going over the second IPSEC Connection, so if one or two IPSEC Connections running, i have no internet connection anymore. If i start second IPSEC Connection also first IPSEC Connection is no longer working. because its subnet is also routed through the second IPSEC. So how can i get this runnig as expected:
1:Internet goes to RED
2: First IPSEC Subnet goes only to first IPSEC Connection and nothing else
3: second IPSEC Subnet is going to second IPSEC Connection and nothing else
The Companies GE and Chilli are so big, that they have buying Public IPs and manage all their Custommers VPN with this IPs so it is what it is.
But this was my first suggestion, that the public IP`s are the Problem. But it seems a general Probelm.

Private primarily refers to the traffic being private, not to “private” IP addresses. As a company, scenarios for routing public IP addresses’ traffic through a VPN occur quite frequently.

What is showing in your IPsec routing table?