IPSec Roadwarrior No DNS


I am connecting to ipfire using IPSec Roadwarrior VPN config.

I set my IPSec network as which is in my green, I modified DHCP on ipfire to never issue leases in that range to avoid a collision (leases start at

I connect to the VPN and all seems well, I get issued the IP, ok that’s good. I do not get issued a DNS server… I assume I have to set one somewhere but I can’t see anywhere to set it?

But anyway, I try manually doing a lookup to the IPFire for DNS, nslookup ebay.com and it just hangs seems I cannot do any DNS resolving by the IPFire. I can ping but no DNS resolution.

I feel like I am missing something but I followed the wikis and it doesn’t seem to mention what to do for DNS.

“Local subnet” of the connection is set to as per the wiki. I tried setting it as green as well but that didn’t seem to help either.

Now that is strange, I had a firewall rule that stops UDP 53 out to prevent circumventing of the IPFire DNS.

When I disable that firewall rule I can use as DNS server now. Why would that rule stop me from using IPFire as a DNS server when connected via IPSec?

I had to do this on the incoming firewall and it allows it. I guess anything through IPSec gets put through the firewall?