IPSEC - NET to NET (tunnel) - working config?

Can anybody post working config for 3 (or more) interconnected IPFIRE sites ?

For simple usage - with preshared password…

Also connections should be possible in these directions:

Also network topology = MESH.

If it is already possible… I have still problems like wroted anywhere - only first tunnel works. Other tunnels have problems… :frowning:

It might help to add more details about what you tried and what errors/messages you saw (when it didn’t work).

You’re going to need either a tunnel between each location, or, one hub and multiple spokes, using SNAT rules to shepherd traffic between the spokes to each other.

It’s not simple, and if 2 needs to talk to 3, then the easiest way to make that happen is to create a tunnel from 2 to 3 and not route traffic from 2 through 1 to 3. This doesn’t scale well, but is easier.

Otherwise, you need SNAT rules for traffic from 2->3 such that it goes over the IPSec tunnels and uses 1 as the intermediary and also matches the traffic selectors.

dear friends of IPFIRE.

I got it working - without knowing what happened before…

You can trust Me, I used all possible combinations before - but only NOW it is successfully interconnected… I will look further if it works and stays connected…

One fact - perhaps not so importatnt - latest updates today applied… for to be sure… But before there were also identical versions of IPFIRE running but without success…

And, finally - the result:

Not like before - some connected, some connecting, some disconnected… Without reasonable arguments… Perhaps some small errors in build are corrected, perhaps the gods of internet have been malicious enough on Me :smiley:

But important is - it works for now ! :smiley:

p.s. I can ping from - to:
TN -> TT
TT -> TN
TN -> ZA
ZA -> TN
TT -> ZA
ZA -> TT

p.s.2: Perhaps it can be due a fact, how I have started all the IPSECs on FWs. First - have all created - prepaired all IPSECs stopped, but with checkmark enabled as “enabled” - and then ran through all 3 tabs and quickly clicked “save” on every FW GUI frontend… So all IPSEC daemons started in very small fraction of time… No other idea :slight_smile: (normal idea is that developers have corrected some interconnection bugs in case more ipsecs are interconnected…)

p.s.3: WITHOUT TWEAKING IPTABLES OR SOME RULES OR ANYTHING… Simple - used correct naming identification and one passphrase… Nothing more.

first error after a while of running ok…

but PING still works in any direction…

next progress… not so good…

but, PING still works in all directions…